Motorsykel problems and Tromsø

First things first: Monday morning we drove to the garage where Benny’s bike was waiting for repair. The guys were busy at the moment but would call Benny in the afternoon to give him feedback. Since we had only two weeks left to get home and didn’t know how long the repair would take or if it would be too expensive to do in Norway, we decided to split up. We worked out a plan that Benny could catch up with me in Nordkjosbotn or in Bodø if the bike got fixed in time. If not he would need the ADAC to handle the return of his bike and himself. At eight o’clock in the evening benny called me. He had been already on the road for 2 h and was now onboard of the first of two ferries on the way to Tromsø, where I was. But the good news didn’t last long. Gasoline was leaking again and the bike didn’t start when he wanted to get off the ferry. Same issue as before. Luckily he got help from the captain, who organized a hotel for the night and a transport to Tromsø for the next day.
I met Benny at the garage in Tromsø at 12 o’clock just as his bike came of the truck.IMG_6633

Long story short the mechanic there was totally willing to help us, super friendly and the best thing he knew what he was doing and fixed the bike!!! IMG_6641

In the end it was a blocked needle valve of the floating switch of the right carburetor. The guys form the garage in Alta just drained the gasoline and changed the oil, but didn’t look for the cause of the problem, but they charge almost the same.
Thanks for nothing…
Around 16:30 we were good to go and after a test run of 20 km without leaving Tromsø, we were back on the road again heading towards the Lofoten.
So now that we are safe and sound, let’s get back to business. Leaving Alta with sun shine for the whole day, I took the E6 to Olderladen. From there you can get to Tromsø using two ferries. With the first you cross the Lyngenfjorden, from Olderladen to Lyngseidet. After a short 22 km ride you cross the Ullsfjorden from Svensby to Breivikeidet. From here Tromsø is only 55 km away.

The ride was really nice thanks to the perfect weather and ferries are always a good fun. I stopped frequently to take pictures of the amazing and just beautiful scenery (seriously I started to annoy myself… omg he is stopping again). But really when the first mountains of the Lyngen Alps appear, it’s amazing. It looks exactly as the travel guide says, like as someone had thrown the Alps into the North Sea. They span about 90 km and have their highest summit in the 1833 m tall Jiekkevarre.


I stayed the night in Tromsø Camping and did some sightseeing in the morning while I waited for Benny to be delivered. The two major landmarks of Tromsø, the Tromsø Bridge and the Arctic Cathedral, are just right next to each other. The bridge connects the island of Tromsøya, on which most of Tromsø including the city center is located, with the mainland. There is a cable car that brings you up the Storsteinen (422 m) from where you have a great view over Tromsø.

I spent some time walking through the harbour area watching all the sailors and boats. That is something for a future trip 😉

Benny arrived around noonish and after his bike was fixed we made a good run down to Narvik. We wanted to get to the campsite there, so if the bike would leak again we would be in a city. But the campsite was closed, because they were building a bridge over the fjord right there. That sucked, but in generell it’s a good thing considering the ride around the fjord that takes like forever and we had to do twice. Around ten o’clock we were at the next campsite, they didn’t offer spots for tents… nnnkay. So wild camping it was. The bike did well over night and we could continue our journey, next to come were the Lofoten!

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  1. thanks for the news guys. happy to hear benny is up and running again. the pics are just fan-fucking-tastic. love to be there! safe travels!

  2. Hello,
    was kostet denn so eine Reparatur in Norwegen?
    Bei den Bildern warst du was die Megapixel angeht ja ziemlich geizig: ersten Hochrechnungen zufolge 1,0*0,76 = weniger als 1… Das Panorama von den Bergen reicht ja gerade so für das Microsoft Band als Hintergrund. 😉

    1. ja für den blog werden die bilder runter skaliert :p bei bedarf bekommste se auch in original größe. Die reparatur hat knapp 250€ gekostet, war aber auch ein super preis

  3. Looks like you had some luck Even when problems appeared…
    If you ever Get Back to Norway… I hope you come by 👍
    Hope you find the routes planned good for the next days ☀️👏

    1. Thanks Marianne, it was a really nice evening and thanks again for the offer, I really would enjoy doing another norway trip with you. Wish you all the best and a good ride tomorrow 🙂

  4. Halle-fucking-lujah!
    Great to hear the trip is going on for the both of you.
    Enjoy the ride and keep up the good weibs…äh…vibes. Cheers!

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