Trollstigen and “Ha det bra”

The last two weeks had been a great experience with lots of fun and a hand full of challenges. Sadly our trip needs to come to an end and as we woke up that day we realized, we had only a couple of days left. But before we would ride the main roads and highways to get home, a day full of mountain passes, dirt roads and fjords was just waiting for us around the corner. One of the most famous serpentine mountain roads of Norway is the Trollstigen. The 18 km long pass ascends for 405 m with a slope of 12% and has eleven hairpin bends. Sounds like made for the bikes, if it hadn’t been for all the busses and caravans. The road is so narrow that there a plenty of spots where they can’t pass each other and you have to wait till they figure it out. Anyway it was a good fun to ride and a great view from the top.



We carried on to the town of Linge, where we crossed the Norddalsfjorden with a ferry. Further along the 63 we passed several mountain passes till we reached the Geirangerfjorden, another admirable touristic highlight.


Next on the list was a detour to a dirt road, Marianne had told us about. The road led through the mountainside and it was really wonderful. Well the rain was a little drawback, cause it had made the road a bit slippery and it was freaking cold ;P It was a great completion of our ride and I am very happy that we got a glimpse of the scenery of southern Norway.

DSCN0390 (2)

We spent the night on a campsite in Aurdal. Our plan for the upcoming day was to make a short relaxing ride to a campsite near to the swedish border, settle down early and go fishing. Passing Oslo and Frederikstad, there are some beautiful small islands which just seemed to be perfect for that. They were indeed gorgeous and obviously the holiday destination of complete Norway. We spent hours looking for a free spot. Finally we found a campsite in Revebukta. It was already too late for fishing or at least we weren’t in the mood anymore. Instead we went for a refreshing swim 🙂



Just as we had started to prepare our gasoline stove for a fancy pasta dinner, our neighbor came to us. She said: “We are leaving tomorrow!” We looked at each other and replied “Okay”. 😛 Then she told us that they had ten sausages and a hot barbeque left and asked if we would like to have it. Well hell yeah, thank you very much, sausage feast it was. Someone else gave us a bottle of coke, what nice people. I really hope we were not looking that devastated :p



Now it was time to say fare well and “ha det bra” to Norway. We entered Sweden the next day and stopped in Göteborg for a walk around the lovely harbor.

When we came back to the bikes each of us had got a 60 € parking ticket… we had parked at bicycle stands… common. Well it was anyway time to go home. So we left Sweden with the Helsingborg – Helsingør ferry and crossed Denmark all the way to Rødby. From here we went on with the Rødby – Puttgarden ferry and returned to Germany. Our last stop was in Stelle, where my grandmother’s sister, Tante Else, is living. We had a nice evening with her together with Telse (her niece) and Peter and some Riesling wine 🙂

Than the last day of our trip was there. After almost three weeks, 6.500 km on the bikes and 9 ferry crossings we had our last brake a couple of kilometers south of Hamburg, before we would split up and say good bye. It was a great trip and a pleasure that Benny had joined me. Thanks for the awesome time 🙂


Norway is a beautiful country with a more than gorgeous countryside and wildlife. I told Benny a couple of times, if the temperature would be 5-10 degrees higher that place would be totally over populated 🙂 On the other hand I really want to come here again in wintertime and experience the second kind of world Norway has to offer. But this will be another story 😉

For now I want to thank everyone who was following the blog again, I hope you enjoyed it. Take care and see you soon on the road.





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