The Route


Most of the world actually is Dribbdebach. Here you can see the route we took through the east African part of it. Our plan was to ride our bikes from Frankfurt/Germany to Cape Town/South Africa. Leaving Frankfurt beginning of August 2014.

The first question was how to set foot on the african continent. Initially we wanted to drive all the way to Iskenderun/Turkey were we would take a ship to carry us and the bikes to Damietta/Egypt. But the ferry was canceled to weeks before we hit the road and wasn’t about to be operating again soon. On top of this customs at the Egyptian ports were or still are pure mayham. People take 5 days to get their vehicles out of the port and have pay ridiculous „fees“. There was apparently another ferry going from Iskenderun to Egypt, but our enthusiasm of getting ourselves into the egyptian port craziness was limited… That’s why we decided to air ship the bikes from Istanbul/Turkey to Khartoum/Sudan, thus leaving out Egypt. It was really sad to miss all the interesting and amazing places in Egypt, but options were limited and we can always return to Egypt as „normal“ tourists without paying several thousand USD in „special fees“.

The route in short
Starting from Frankfurt/Germany our course took us through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece to Istanbul/Turkey. After the air transfer to Sudan we crossed Ethiopia and Kenia all the way down to the border to Tanzania. We didn’t enter Tanzania yet but took a detour back north circling the Lake Victoria via Uganda and Rwanda. From Rwanda we continued south again through Tanzania to Malawi. From there we headed south west crossing Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia before we finally arrived in South Africa where we reached our final goal Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope.


Detailed Route:


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