Hi there, I am Christopher but usually go by the nickname of Topher. I am 30 years old and live since some good 4 years in Freiburg close to the Black Forrest in Germany with my girlfriend Vanessa. She luckily is very supportive when it comes to motorcycling, touring the world and what not 🙂 . Beginning 2014 I got my PhD in Biology from the University of Freiburg and needed a (temporary) change of lifestyle.

Even though I toyed with picking up motorcycling for a long time I only got my driver license 3 years ago. Already during the first driving lesson I knew this was the right decision. I had such a blast on the small 34 hp ER6N used in the driving school!

My first bike was a Suzuki SV650N (known in Germany as the Kante SV).

WP_000296 (Copy)

Great bike for the narrow Black Forrest roads and sufficient power to have a good time but medium great when it comes to touring.

WP_000618 (Copy)
Well, some touring is possible.

I soon realized that I really like motorbike touring and so their was the need for a better suitable, reliable and easy to maintain bike, hence the Africa Twin.

twin and suzi (Copy)
At first the small Suzi was a bit skeptical when I brought the Africa Twin home, but now they get along quite well.

I don’t want to write too much in this section. If you visit this page you’ll probably know me anyway 😀 and if not, just read the (hopefully) plenty blog entries to come.

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