Summer Fun

Hey Guys,

preparations are going well. The Sudan visa is in preparation. We tried to get it from the consulate in Frankfurt. But they said visas can only be issued at the embassy in Berlin. I am not really certain what the consulate in Frankfurt is good for than, but never mind. Since Berlin is quite far away from the places we are right now and we don’t have the time to go their we ordered a visa company to get the Sudanese visa for us. That’s definitely cheaper than driving there. So right now they are working on it. Fingers crossed it will work out well.

In the time being preparations are going well. Not much left to do but some modifications on the bikes, which will probably be done next week.

Until then we can only dream of our trip. Thankfully the toy industry is very helpful.

Summer Fun!
Summer Fun! That dudes bike looks suspiciously like an Africa Twin. It even got the Honda Racing paint job and seams to be equipped with two Touratech Zega cases. Funny.  Though this bike has 1100 cc, an outlook for the new Africa Twin which is supposed to be presented this year??




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